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Dr. Murugan Pillai

Dr. Murugan Pillai’s Bio

Dr. Murugan Pillai is the Honorary Secretary of Nithya Chaithanya Kalari (Regd.) as well as the Joint Secretary, National Silambam Federation. Having over 30 years of experience, he has been decorated with the honorary Gurukal title, signifying that he has attained mastery from all his previous gurus in his lineage of this art.

Murugan Gurukal has revived the art of Kalari in North India. His zest for excellence has won him the respect of a number of disciples both within, and outside India.

Dr. Murugan Pillai is one of the few existing people in modern times who know the ancient art of Kalari Marma Chikitsa (Ancient Indian Touch/Healing System) or knowledge of special pressure points in the human body used in ancient warfare and medicinal system for treating several non-treatable diseases.

Professional Background:
  • Mastery in Kalarippayattu(Ancient Martial Art form of Kerala)
  • Mastery in Silambam (Ancient Martial Art form of Tamil Nadu)
  • First Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-Do (Martial art form of Korea)
  • Traditional Physician in Ayurveda Therapy
  • Traditional Physician in Kalari Marmma Therapy
  • Siddha Medicine Practitioner (SMP)
  • Yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher
  • Ayurveda practitioner and Vaidya