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Anette Quentin

RYT 500,

Anette Quentin’s Bio

Teaching since 2011

Anette started her yoga journey in Germany in 2011. Looking for balance from a stressful corporate job, she was introduced to yoga as a physical practice. Hooked from her very first class she soon established a daily practice. Trying different styles such as Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, or Jivamukti with many different teachers, she lost her heart to the more flowing styles.The use of constant movement in connection with the breath helps her to calm the monkey mind, allowing her to fall into a state of moving meditation.

Her intensive self-practice has helped her to develop not only physic but also mental strength which led her to make significant changes in her life off the mat. Since her first yoga class, Anette has moved away from a typical western corporate career with all its ups and downs to a more nomadic, holistic lifestyle. Under the personal credo „home is where I roll out my mat“, she has made India her current home base.

Coming from a competitive society, she grew up constantly comparing and being compared to others. Yoga helped her to explore and work with her own limitations. For her, it is about enjoying the journey towards self-realization which is not a goal reached in a certain amount of time, but a lifelong process. Therefore, as a student as well as a teacher her focus lies on the path of physical and mental involvement rather than looking for instant, perfect results.

Anette completed an RYT 500 hour teacher training course with her Guru Mahi in Dharamsala, India. Under his guidance, she learned about the significance of yoga as an ancient philosophical system and its true power as a spiritual science. Studying yoga in India taught her respect for the roots of its ancient traditions. She practices and teaches from this holistic perspective not only focusing on the physical body. Next to asanas she is constantly deepening her knowledge in yoga philosophy, finding ways to translate it to our modern perception of life. All this knowledge and experience she is transporting in her classes working in favor of connecting Body, Mind & Soul.

Currently Working With

Mahi Yoga Center Pernem Goa