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Yogi Akshey

Yogi Akshey’s Bio

Akshey hails from a small town of north India. Born and raised in a middle-class Hindu family he started practicing yoga at an early age.  A graduate in commerce Akshey worked with big Corporate like Genpact and Serco. Having experienced the stress one goes through in MNC’s he slowly devoted his time and energy to yoga practice. He studied yoga Asanas and philosophy of yoga with monks at different ashrams in Uttarkashi (Himalayas), Bihar and Rishikesh and slowly left the corporate to take up yoga teaching as a full-time job. 10 years of self-practice and 7 years of teaching experience makes him a strict teacher who pays a lot of emphasis on subtle movement of body parts while performing an asana. Besides Hatha yoga, he also teaches Philosophy and Anatomy.

Yoga according to Akshey is union through awareness which can be brought about by treading the path which the seers of past have prescribed in scriptures. Limbs of yoga are the torch bearers which guide the seeker to attain the knowledge of self. The anatomy classes are focussed purely on yoga practice that gives students a firsthand experience of the physical and physiological impact of yoga Asanas. Not just muscles but the movement of Prana also has to be guided in yoga Asanas to move the flow of energy to higher psychic centers known as chakras according to Hatha yoga practice. He believes that proper application of bandhas and sub bandhas can bring about this movement which can be felt in yoga asanas.   

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