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Nikki Martin

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Nikki came to yoga in 2012, drawn by the strength, grace and physical challenge of yoga and a desire to forge a path to peace and happiness in her life. She quickly fell in love with the practice and how it enriched all facets of her life - physical, mental, spiritual and philosophical.
As a teacher she is passionate about providing space, permission and guidance for her students to connect with and listen to their own bodies and what they need in the moment, while challenging them to step into, or out of, discomfort when it serves. To that teaching style she adds her love of fiery and challenging Vinyasa, arm balances, playful transitions, and the time and space to experience the breath and be present in the body, despite distractions of the mind.
Nikki is a full time yoga teacher, Lululemon Ambassador and published author. This dynamic and creative side of Nikki emanates through her classes.
Nikki’s classes can best be described as an energy based flow. Powerful and dynamic, movement based Vinyasa for the mornings and in the evening some slow flow combined with deep stretch to settle the body. you can follow nikki

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