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Anniina’s Bio

Anniina’s path with yoga started through dance. Working as a dancer and dance teacher she enjoyed yoga as a self practice and a way to tune in. Over the years she explored various styles of yoga but as a dancer was always drawn to vinyasa flow. The passion towards the art of yoga kept growing and she decided to attend teacher training at Abhinam. Her course with Abhinam yoga opened her eyes to see the beauty of the alignment in Ashtanga Vinyasa as she experienced the benefit one gains in the correct use of props. This understanding has brought a new depth to her practice. Combined with the pranayama, it quickly made a great difference in her body. After the course, her journey with Abhinam yoga has continued first as an assistant and then as a teacher. Anniina feels it’s a privilege to be able to grow in a place where it is possible to teach and learn at the same time. Currently, she is teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa, pranayama and dance meditations at Abhinam Yoga School.

Currently Working With

Abhinam Yoga Center