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Yogi Vishwajeet Singh (Vishu)

Yogi Vishwajeet Singh (Vishu)’s Bio

Vishwajeet Singh (Vishu) yoga teacher at Maharishi Yoga Peeth Rishikesh born in Haridwar and later moved to Rishikesh during his teenage. During his childhood, he learned Yoga and philosophy from his grandfather who was a renowned Yogi of his time and later from his elder brother Jagjeet Singh (Jaggi) who is also a great Yogi and a beloved teacher at Shiva Shakti Yoga. He traveled across the country and learned Yoga from many teachers which deepened his knowledge and experience of life. He says, since childhood, there was always one question in my mind about, what is the true meaning of life? This question made me practice Yoga every day without missing a single day. While studying in college he never left his practices and studied ancient Indian scriptures intensely. After finishing his education he thought of choosing Yoga as a career and sharing his knowledge of life with everyone who bought him to Shiva Shakti Yoga. He always enjoys what he does and takes the classes playfully. Vishwajeet's style of teaching is friendly and approachable both inside and outside the class. With Vishwajeet, you’ll dive deep into the ancient world of yoga philosophy, and be taught how to apply these teachings and themes in your classes and daily life.

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