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Sarvasmarana Ananda Ma Nithya

Sarvasmarana Ananda Ma Nithya’s Bio

Teaching since 2007

Sarvasmarana has been doing yoga for many lifetimes. This was found when as a child she used to do yoga poses in the exact same manner as they are done actually without even knowing what they were and why she was doing them. Therefore, ever since her childhood Sarvasmarana Ananda Ma or simply Sarva Ma, as her students like to call her, knew that yoga is something that resonates within her at a deeper level.

She commenced her professional yoga training in 2007 in Mysore. There she learned about yoga on a broader level and began to develop a better understanding of self. Ever since then she has continued to expand her knowledge of the process.

She lives in a Mysore ashram in South India, where she teaches yoga and studies it under the guidance of her guru. Previously, she has lived in Los Angeles, California where she used to teach meditation courses on Chakras to help out people in overcoming emotional imbalances and difficulties in their life.

Sarva Ma is adept in teaching Hatha yoga, Meditation, Samyama, Pranayama, Tantra, and The Vedic Sciences. She accredits the importance of these practices in one’s life and their immeasurable benefits.

Since childhood years, practicing, teaching and living yoga has been a profound transformational experience for her and she endeavors to make her students experience the same for themselves. Her unique style of teaching is a result of her inborn bonding with yoga and experiences she has had throughout her life. She believes that as one is transformed through yoga, entire cosmos is transformed as well.

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