Guru Mahi Ji

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Guru Mahi Ji

E-RYT 500,

Guru Mahi Ji’s Bio

ERYT 500
Founder of Mahi Yoga
Philosophy Guide
Meditation Guru
Therapeutic Yoga Teacher
Alignment & Yoga as a Tool for Health Yoga TeacherHands on Adjustment Specialist
From an early age Guru Mahi was introduced to yoga. His whole family followed the yogic principles practicing pranayama and meditation. Sri Ramana Maharishi a renowned Indian Yogi Master was his father’s teacher, and Mahi’s father endeavored to pass on the precious yogic knowledge imparted to him to his young son. Mahi naturally began to pursue a life of spiritual seeking.
Coming of age Mahi began to seek to continue his education on the yogic path, he travelled India practicing and learning from renowned Guru’s such as Jois in Mysore, on discovering Iyengar yoga Mahi began to develop his signature approach and interest in the healing quality of yoga, mostly concentrating on alignment and anatomy.
Mahi is renowned as a yoga teacher who has a style of teaching that is entirely his own. He teaches a combination of pure Vedic knowledge, intuitive alignment and hands on adjustment which creates a harmonious balance that helps to prevent and alleviate ailments and injuries specific to each individual practitioner.

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