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Gayle Worth

Gayle Worth’s Bio

Originally from Scottsdale Arizona, Gayle has spent many years since colleague traveling the world working and volunteering. It was during these transformational years Gayle connected with the practice of yoga, meditation and other powerful healing modalities.
Gayle undertook her YTT in Power Yoga and serves up an incredible morning flow focusing on conscious breath with vigorous and mindful asanas. Expect to build strength and flexibility while cleansing the body.
Her evening classes you can expect a gentle flow to warm up your body, then unwind with some restorative and end with Yoga Nidra to help slow down the mind and connect it with your body and spirit. Gayle is a master when it comes to meditation and guided imagery, allowing you to transcend into natural levels of relaxation where you can guide your mind towards achieving more positive, joyful and healthy life goals.

Currently Working With

Santa Catalina Retreats

Experiences Offered

Gayle Worth offers the following

7 Days Vitality Retreat, Panama

  • Daily yoga, meditation, movement and dharma talk & sharing classes with Jovinna

  • Hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, skateboarding, surfing, and cycling

  • Group Transportation to/from Panama City to Santa Catalina

  • Special SUP Boarding Santa Catalina Island Day Trip

  • Bonfire

  • 3 healthy and delicious meals per day

  • Complimentary glass of beer or wine with each evening meal

  • 6 nights at our Surf Point Haven accommodation

  • Welcome cocktails

  • A lil’ Magic