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Dr Ruwanka Ahangama Aarachchi

Dr Ruwanka Ahangama Aarachchi’s Bio

Dr. Ruwanka graduated from University of Colombo – Institute of Indigenous Medicine securing a first class in Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery. Due to his outstanding academic performance, he was hired by the university to work as a demonstrator.
During his late university years as a student he developed an interest on a field, where other Ayurveda practitioners rarely focuses on – Surgery!
He specialises in treating ano-rectal diseases such as fistla-in-ano, heamorrhoids, anal fissures etc. and also fluent in Leech Therapy to treat several conditions: Vericose veins, Glaucoma, Chronic non-healing wounds etc.

He runs a small-scale drug manufacturing plant with his wife Dr. Bimba and they are the suppliers of “kshara-sutra” (a medicinal string used to treat fistula-in-ano) and few other quality Ayurvedic medicines to National Ayurveda (Teaching) Hospital of Sri Lanka.

Currently Working With

Plantation Villa Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat in Kalutara, Sri Lanka