7 Days Mindfulness Retreat

Wattalaya Watta, Nehinna, Dodangoda, Kalutara, Sri Lanka

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Experience Overview

Ancient practices of yoga and meditation are a key component to embracing a more mindful lifestyle. Coupled along with healing natural treatments and medicines, yoga and meditation allow the body to restore, improve and develop a harmony of mind, body and spirit. We cannot fully benefit from the physical treatments alone, and this is where yoga and meditation practice plays such an important role in truly overcoming our own personal shortfalls, physical imperfections, disabilities or ailments.

Yoga was initially developed so the meditative yogis could develop their physical body to enable them to sit for long hours in meditation. Yoga is about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits. The poses can be done quickly in succession, creating heat in the body through movement or more slowly to increase stamina and perfect the alignment of the pose. The poses are a constant, but the approach to them varies depending on the yoga tradition practiced. 

At Plantation Villa, we work with a number of fully qualified and experienced teachers to guide your daily yoga lesson. We have expert teachers from the Western countries like Europe and the US and also teachers from India and Sri Lanka. Our teachers will be visiting us and will each be resident with us for 3-6 months along with some short term visiting teachers running specialist retreats. It does not matter whether you are a complete beginner or if you are an experienced practitioner. If you have practiced yoga before, specially in the west, you will find that the method of teaching by the Indian and Sri Lankan teachers are rather different. It is more towards the authentic form of meditative yoga. Please inform the teacher at the beginning of the class of your level and any ailments you may have such as joint aches etc. Feel free to discuss with our teacher on your likes/dislikes and any other yoga related queries you may have. Whatever your motivation, whether it is to improve your downward dog or just to get a little fitter or even slimmer, our wonderful teachers will be available and work with you during your stay with us.

We will provide two yoga classes daily – one in the morning and another in the evening. The morning class will be a little energetic and the evening class will be slower. We will also have daily mid morning guided meditation classes to help you develop your mindfulness practice.

Additionally our teachers will be conducting evening discussions on Yoga and Meditation philosophy so you gain a deeper understanding into the practice. The mindfulness principles on which yoga and meditation are based on, provides the foundation for a happy, healthy life.

Experience Highlights

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • 3 meals daily prepared with Organic Ingredients
  • Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation
  • Guided yoga and meditation
  • Swimming & Village walks


Meditation Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Yoga Ashtanga Yoga


English Hindi


  • 06:30 - 07:30 Group Yoga Class 
  • 07:30 - 09:00 Breakfast
  • 09:00 - 12:30 Ayurvedic treatments. Guests can also go for a swim or walk before the Ayurvedic treatment
  • 12:30 - 14:30 Lunch
  • 14:30 - 16:00 Rest or join one of the afternoon activities, which include walks in the plantation, activities in the plantation, tree planting, cookery classes, talks with the yoga teacher or doctor, and more
  • 17:30 - 19:00 Evening yoga Class
  • 19:00 - 20:30 Dinner
  • 20:30 Reading, meditation, and Self Time

About the center

Plantation Villa Kalutara Sri Lanka

Founded in 2017

Plantation Villa Kalutara Sri Lanka is a wellness Ayurveda retreat based out of Sri Lanka. The center offers a comprehensive well-being experience through age-old Vedic traditions of yoga, Ayurveda, and mediation. Located in a rural setting, the retreat offers a homely environment for its visitors. The food served here is made of ingredients grown in the retreat’s garden. All the water used in the retreat for various purposes comes from its four natural spring wells. The stay at Plantation Villa Kalutara Sri Lanka offers vignettes of countryside Sri Lankan life leaving one with an off-the-grid travel experience – one that can’t be found in any popular travel books or portals.

During their stay here, one will get umpteen opportunities to interact with the locals – and to learn many things about their life, and the way they live. They’ll also learn to appreciate simple living and begin looking at nature with fresh pair of eyes. Plantation Villa Kalutara Sri Lanka strongly believes that a retreat’s backdrop is as essential as the host of treatments it offers. Therefore, in line with the retreat’s belief, one would find themselves in the company of various tropical trees, wild birds, a paddy field, a working rubber plantation, an organic fruit, vegetable, and spice garden, and a budding mahogany and coconut plantation during their time here.

Plantation Villa Kalutara Sri Lanka has also assumed the larger role of a community center which means that every penny you spend here goes into maintaining the local community, thus improving their livelihoods and standard of living. Another good thing about Plantation Villa is the freedom of flexibility, it can afford, owing to its small size. The villa’s crisp air and soothing backdrop, being the other. Srimal Plantation was founded by an ex-banker Ishara de Silva on the following principles: a) to introduce a lifestyle concept away from man-made toxins, b) to introduce one with the concept of metta, and c) to care and to look after themselves to the best of their capabilities.

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Accommodation Overview

Located inside a beautiful plantation, the Plantation Villa Sri Lanka consists of a old bungalow and two lodges. There are 18 rooms including standard, suite and deluxe rooms along with plenty of places to relax, including gardens, lounges, dining hall and a spa. The attached bathrooms are luxurious with hot water facilities. The pristine setting and family friendly environment of this Yoga resort sri lanka is designed to make the guests feel the warmth of hospitality.

Food Overview

The Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka serves fresh and organic food served originating from the organic gardens. This Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka takes special care to preserve the quality and the taste of the food. The Plantation Villa Sri Lanka offers vegetarian and sugar free dishes with eggs and curd being served once or twice a week.

What is Included

  • Guided yoga and meditation 
  • Ayurvedic meals & snacks
  • Water and herbal tea at all times
  • Afternoon Activities including:
  • Walks in the plantation and paddy-field
  • Tree Planting
  • Vegetable/fruit picking activities during seasons
  • Watching rubber tapping or paddy harvesting during seasons
  • Cookery demonstrations
  • Community project activities
  • Attending Talks about Yoga & Ayurveda philosophy, Improving daily habits, incorporating Ayurveda in to daily life, Mindfulness etc
  • 6 nights accommodation

What is not Included

  • Tickets & Visa
  • Airport transfer available extra: Bandaranaike International Colombo Airport (US$65 per person)
  • Personal Expenses


Cancellation Policy

100% if cancelled 60 days prior to arrival