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Dr. Charuni L. Senanayake,

Dr. Charuni L. Senanayake,’s Bio

Dr Charuni is a qualified Medical Coach, Executive and Life Coach, Mentor and a Leadership Trainer for children and youth. Charuni has a mixed background of experience from Clinical Medicine, Public Health, Programme Management, to Coaching and Mentoring, which makes her unique and to deliver the best results for guests from a variety of backgrounds. Her experience within UN agency for Health (World Health Organization) has given her ample opportunities to work with individuals seeking help under different situations ranging from Health emergencies, Communicable Diseases to Non Communicable Diseases. 

Charuni truly believes in the results of Coaching and deeply cares for her clients. Charuni has been helping people living with Chronic Diseases ‘to live not just survive’, by emotionally uplifiting them. She helps them to recreate life, bring the positivity back into their lives, thereby increasing the quality of their lives (particularly people living with Cancer, Long term complications of Diabetes, Hypertension, and other Chronic illnesses) . She has also been a Life Coach for people feeling unhappy and stuck in life, or in challenging relationship issues, She also enjoys supporting young people with Youth Coaching on career choices, finding their purpose in life etc.  Her extensive background and experience combined with a positive and kind nature makes her the ideal coach for our guests. 

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Plantation Villa Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat in Kalutara, Sri Lanka