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Chris Sampson’s Bio

I am.’ The only statement I can say for sure. I think? I think too much. I did build Power of Now Oasis to share my passion for yoga, chi-gong & meditation with visitors, children from the foundations we support, the community and have a bit of fun. I guess if you want to label me, I am the owner, director of operations, and harmony, I hope.
I’m grateful to be a part of this amazing team who are like family to me. I’m no self-appointed guru or performing master of asanas. I’d like to think of myself as an old pirate yogi who is simply one of the seven billion or so human beings on this amazing planet. I discovered yoga more than 30 years ago. Then, as a lost soul began searching on a lifelong journey all over the world. Practising and learning with many good teachers, I developed my own practice that I try to live each day. Easier said than done.
I like the flow of chi-gong and my favourites are surfing yoga, sailing yoga and laughing yoga. I found that the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, the Buddha, Jesus and many otherwise humans say similar things in different ways. I really only search for my real self nowadays, trying to follow the eightfold path of yoga with spiritual principles. The only classes I’m interested in teaching or doing now are kids fun classes. I was a boat captain for many years and started my own charter company and business in tourism and property development. I lucked out, sold up, and retired in 2007. Cruising the world on my boat, I sailed into Sanur in 2010. Was lucky – or I believe blessed – to find this beachfront property. And when I met Angelique, our sacred cow who resides there, well – as they say – the rest is history.
I built the studio and lived in it with Angelique for a year or so. Just taught a few classes and spent time with children from the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage. The simple days. Then the modern-yoga crowds began coming in and I decided to develop the YTT program and let the studio go semi-commercial, only because it enables us to really give back. I am not motivated commercially at all. I personally take nothing from the studio, but receive a lot of joy and still learn many lessons. The foundation kids own 50% of the studio now. The rest is shared amongst the staff and put into continued good causes.
I do love hanging around every morning. I’m connected to the ocean and still practice on the beach most days and take Angelique out for walks. I enjoy when the foundation kids come to play and watch movies and I try to help the team out where I can. I also like sharing sailing meditations and laughing yoga with our students – trying to teach them not to be so serious about life and the modern day yoga scene. To focus on your heart center, not your “selfie center”.

Currently Working With

Power of Now Oasis Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreat Bali

Experiences Offered

Chris Sampson offers the following

7 Days Yoga & Surfing Retreat Bali, Indonesia

  • 7 Days Yoga & Surf retreat
  • 5x Days of Surfing/SUP or other preferred water activity
  • 1x Private Yoga Session
  • 1x Private Meditation Session
  • 3x Different Holistic Treatments
  • 6 Nights Accommodation
  • Healthy Breakfasts & Lunches