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Arnaud Chartier: Senior Yoga Teacher

Arnaud Chartier: Senior Yoga Teacher’s Bio

Arnaud encourages his students to find their own intuitive yoga practice to answer and support the homeostasis (balance) of their body and mind. Incorporating the alignment of the body, he guides his students towards an inner journey of discovery and self healing. 

With years of Hatha Yoga practice, Arnaud took his yoga practice deeper with 2 years of training under Iyengar teachers in India. His practice also incorporates a strong background in buddhist meditation as he lived in a monasteries in Thailand and New Zealand for multiple years. After years spent tailor-making programs for individuals in one on one sessions while also teaching Alignment Yoga classes to groups, Arnaud realised how important it is to adapt his teaching to different environments as well as the typology of a person. This led to his training as a Therapeutic Yoga teacher.


His background as a boxer and rock climber gives him perfect insights to work with other highly active people to improve their qualities in their own practice. Arnaud loves to create a bridge between sport and yoga to bring the healing aspect of yoga in very different surrounding (i.e. boxing schools) and using this helps create individuals as well as team to train and practice more mindfully. Using all of these techniques, he created workshops and exercises for corporate teams to help their work place environment become a place of self development.

Arnaud is also a gardener. For him yoga is for a way to connect deeply with nature and support Her to heal outside but as well inside of the body. This is another aspect of creating a bridge between the inside and the outside, an idea he incorporates in most of his teachings.

Currently Working With

Gaia Yogashala, Koh Phangan, Thailand