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Antonella’s Bio

Antonella is a travelling yogini who is passionate about movement and breath. Living in India for 2 years, she was able to significantly deepen her practice under the guidance of yoga masters.

She teaches Hatha Flow in a slow and fluid style that synchronizes movement and breath together with a strong focus on correct alignment. Antonella believes connecting with breath and the practice of pranayama is fundamental to good yoga. No breath, no energy, no life!

A practitioner of 16 years, Antonella draws inspiration from many styles of yoga; she believes that creating space within the body through asana practice also helps create "space" within the mind. With space comes flexibility and flexibility is not a purely physical thing. A flexible and open mind can be the ground for healing, compassion, freedom and, why not, adventures . Thus we become explorers of our true self.

As a mindfulness meditation practitioner, Antonella encourages her students to not only embrace the physical aspects of yoga but to learn also how to connect deeply with the true self and the world around us.

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Island Yoga Retreats and Vacations Koh Phangan Thailand