6 Nights VISHUDDHI Purification package with Yoga and Meditation in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Kumbukkadanwala, Kimbissa Sigiriya Sri Lanka

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Experience Overview

This treatment lays stress on purifying the body from the inside by cleaning up the accumulated toxins, leading to the prevention of various illnesses. The disharmony in the three energies constituting the body, vatha, piththa and kapha, as described by Ayurveda, is also harmonised through this treatment. The seven days and six night package in this wellness retreat Sri Lanka also has Yoga and meditation as an integral part, which connects the dispersed threads of the system by stabilizing the body and mind.

Each participant undergoes an individual diagnosis under expert guidance and the treatments are customized as per their requirements. The classical Ayurvedic treatments offered in this package includes full body treatments, Abyanga treatments, Shirodhara treatments and others. There are also herbal baths and steam baths to provide a relaxing and refreshing experience for the body. The Namaskara yoga sessions in the morning and meditations in the evening have a profound impact on the system, establishing harmony between the body, mind and soul.

This package of the Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka also includes reflexology and acupuncture sessions, which eases the system and help in wiping out the adverse effects of various stresses. The package also includes parts of the Panchakarma treatment, a special experience which will clean the system from five aspects and rejuvenate the body and mind. In the serene setting of the retreat, this package guides each participant through the path of Ayurveda and Yoga to ensure their health and wellbeing.

Experience Highlights

  • 6 Nights Accommodation
  • 3 Meals Daily
  • Consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Ayurvedic Massage and therapy according to Doctors recommendation
  • Yoga and Meditation Class



About the center

Amuna Ayurvedic Retreat and Wellness Resort Sigiriya, Srilanka

Located in the beautiful surroundings of Kumbukkandanwala, the Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka provides a soothing visual treat with lush greenery, flowing streams and serene lakes. This Wellness Retreat Sri Lanka covers 20 acres of fascinating landscape with the lake Kandalama glimmering enticingly under the sun at a distance. Set in the lap of nature the Amuna Ayurveda Retreat is like the Shangri La for exploring the true meaning of the of the word wellness.  The organic flow of life around the centre emanates peace and tranquillity that creates a connection of the self with nature, resulting in a perfect harmony between the mind, body and soul.

The refreshing breeze carrying the earthy fragrances will make the morning and evening yoga sessions a pathway to touch the inner threads of divinity present in each person. Situated in the central province, this Panchakarma Centre in Sri Lanka is amidst various rich treasures of architectural heritage. A visit to the magnificent ancient fortress of Sigiriya, which is an UNESCO heritage site or a hike to the beautiful lake Amaya will remain etched in the minds of the visitors forever. The Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka also introduces the guests to the rich cultural heritage of the country through various cultural programs.

The peaceful ambience of this eco-friendly Wellness Retreat Sri Lanka allows the visitors to tune in to the unheard melodies of nature through the twitter of birds and vibrant colours of sunset. The grace of Sri Dhanvanthari, the patron deity of the retreat guides the visitors through their journey in the retreat. Whether one relaxes in the luxurious spa or takes a nature walk through the huge expanse of the retreat, each activity will sow new seeds of energy to rejuvenate the self.  With an enchanting environment and comfortable facilities, the Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka, is the perfect destination to experience life in a blissful form.

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Accommodation Overview

This Wellness Retreat Sri Lanka offers comfortable lodgings with modern amenities blending seamlessly with the natural setting. The captivating views of the green fields and distant blue mountains from the luxurious rooms makes it a perfect sanctuary to immerse the senses in the wholesome experience. The whole area is designed in the form of a traditional village using eco-friendly materials maintaining complete harmony with nature. This Panchakarma Centre in Sri Lanka presents exclusive accommodations in the form of Dwelling, Tree house and Villa. All of these are tastefully designed and can accommodate two adults in a king size bed ensuring complete solitude in a tranquil setting. All the units are spacious in design and have attached bathroom amenities with rain showers, air-conditioning, hair dryers, electric shavers and a variety of other amenities ensuring the best possible experience.

Food Overview

The Amuna Ayurveda Retreat Sri Lanka serves food that is prepared from its own extensive organic gardens which grows about 150 varieties of vegetables and herbs and about 30 varieties of fruits. The diet plan for each resident is prepared in consultation with the physicians to make it an integral part of the treatment and helps the residents to experience new level of alertness in the mind and body. The meals served to the guests in this Panchakarma Centre in Sri Lanka are completely vegetarian and freshly prepared to meet the exact nutritional requirements of every individual.  The visitors can enjoy the mouth-watering dishes in the extensive natural settings of the retreat making the entire process of dining a remarkable experience.

What is Included

  • 6 Nights Accommodation
  • 3 Meals Daily
  • Consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor
  • 1 x Reflexology
  • 2 x Full Body Treatments, Pinda Sweda Treatments, Shirodhara Treatments, Steam Baths, Facial Treatments
  • 3 x Head Treatments
  • 5 x Abyanga Treatments
  • 7 x Herbal Baths
  • Panchakarma Treatment
  • Acupuncture Treatment
  • Morning “NAMASKARA” Yoga Evening Meditation
  • Personal Advice on Healthy Living
  • Fruit Juice & Herbal Tea

**Ayurvedic Massage and therapy according to Doctors recommendations

What is not Included

  • Flights & Visas
  • Pickup and Drop
  • Personal Expenses

Cancellation Policy

100% refund before 30 days of arrival date.

50% refund before 20 days of arrival date.