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Yonatan Saar

Yonatan Saar’s Bio

Yonatan Saar (Tantra Yoga Instructor) has been a dedicated yoga and meditation practitioner for over 15 Years.In the last 11 years, he has been living in India, dedicating his time for intensive practice and teaching of yoga, tantra, and meditation.meditation.

Yonatan acquired his tantric training in various schools of yoga and tantra, including the Shivananda center, Iyengar centers, and the Agama yoga school.

In addition, Yonatan practiced meditation in Thai monasteries and in Indian ashrams (mainly Ama ji’s ashram in Kerala and ashrams in Tamil Nadu).

In the last 10 years, he is practicing and teaching under the “Right-Hand tantra” and Kundalini master Tada Yoshi. Yonatan has been teaching yoga and tantra in India, Israel, Turkey, Europe and is the leading teacher of Ayur Tantra Yoga program.