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Yogi Satpal Rawat Ji

Yogi Satpal Rawat Ji’s Bio

Began my yogic training with Sivananda traditional of yoga while completing a residential training program as Sivananda Asharam in Rishikesh India. Post graduate in Yogic Diploma and has worked a long way while practicing yoga in the city of Rishikesh. Teaching yoga since last 10 years and has taught a variety of group from all over the world. And also done certain spiritual tours at different place in India. My teaching are more focused on using body alignment and the breathing techniques to bring about fundamental transformation in the psychic States. Using Various pranayama as a tool to effect the body n prepare for meditation.

Experiences Offered

Yogi Satpal Rawat Ji offers the following

500 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh

  • Yoga course material
  • Free Ayurveda pulse diagnostic consultation
  • Yoga Alliance USA certificate
  • 3 times a day Ayurveda diet
  • 61 nights accommodation
  • 2-3 herbal teas a day
  • 3 meals a day