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Yogi Prashant’s Bio

Alignment, Adjustment & Yoga Therapy
With having a strong aim to be a successful yogi; Prashant was born and brought in the city of Rishikesh. His family has always seen a dream for him to reach the revering heights in yoga. This led a desire in Prashant's heart to fulfill the dream of his family and so he starts to learn yoga at a very young age and felt the flow within in a high intensity. Prashantcompleted his studies at Bihar School of Yoga, where he learned much about a true yogic life, i.e., to live the life in a discipline, developed and a structured manner.

His vast knowledge and understanding of yoga can be seen in his all classes, which starts with Mantra Chanting, followed by Hatha Yoga Asanas and end up with a deep Meditation session. He also emphasized on mental peace with his informative Yoga Nidra meditation classes.

Currently Working With

Mimamsa Yogashala Rishikesh Uttrakhand, India