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Yogi Achyut Bhardwaj

Yogi Achyut Bhardwaj’s Bio

Yogi Achyut Bhardwaj, a modern day yogi was born in a traditional Hindu brahmin family in New Delhi, India. His roots go into the small hill state of Himachal Pradesh and was introduced to yoga at a very early age by his grandfather, who taught him Surya Namaskar for his growth & overall fitness. As life progressed, Yogi Achyut went on to join his family business & travelled all over India. He had spiritual leanings right from his childhood and realized during his travels that he wanted to know the real meaning of his life and thus started reading more & more about spirituality & meditation etc. He always pondered as to why certain people and things attract each other instantly and why even after spending years together, some still repelled or had repulsion towards each other. After gaining as much knowledge as he could through Gyan Yoga (Yoga of knowledge) he made a conscious effort to further strengthen his spiritual evolution by talking to yogic and spiritual masters, reading books and teachings of various religions etc. He is also a very keen believer and practitioner of Ayurveda and other holistic medicines & beliefs. He has travelled more than ten countries in three continents in pursuit of his knowledge and still is thirsty to gain as well as spread spiritual knowledge & peace. He has vowed to teach yoga without any charges what so ever through various NGO’s to the under-privileged sections of society. This he believes will help the poor & under-nourished maintain a basic level of good health which will in turn reduce the burden on the overloaded government hospitals.
He took up hatha yoga under the guidance of Yoga Guru Anoop ji to strengthen his mind, body & belief. It is now Yogi Achyut Bhardwaj’s mission to help & heal others anyway he can and to help people find their inner peace and true meaning of life through yoga, meditation & spirituality. As per his belief, a person is a student throughout his life as there is no person who can say that he is the master of everything. There is always more to learn, always scope to grow, and always a need to fulfill.

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Sivaom Yoga Training Centre