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Yoga Guru Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna

Yoga Guru Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna’s Bio

Born in an influencial, traditional and modern Hindu family in New Delhi, I was introduced to meditation and chanting at a very young age along with family household practice of Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of surrendering oneself to God) and Karma Yoga (Yoga of selfless acts of goodness towards everyone and everything). Having gone to one of the best private school of the nation I became a professional swimmer and also went on to pursue a degree in fashion retail and merchandise management after having spent 18 months in Australia after i turned 18. The big change happened when i was invited to take part in a reality show called Big Switch in india. It was a struggle of a unique kind and I won the show. The biggest win was the changes it brought in me after my non stop interaction with the kids from slums during the duration of the show. I went on to handle my fathers construction business and I also became the business head of a fashion label for a short bit after this. All of that and much more at the age of 25, in a way i had it all and yet happiness wasnt a permanent state of existence. This made me think and realise that there have to be things beyond money, beyond fame, beyond power since none of this can keep me happy, there must be something which will keep me happy all the time. During these times of wanderings and wonderings I met Samara Kamui Bodhisatva on an online forum and he initiated me to meditation and taught me many important techniques of healing myself and others.

Currently Working With

Sivaom Yoga Training Centre

Experiences Offered

Yoga Guru Shri Siddhartha Shiv Khanna offers the following

13 Days Sacred India Yogic Journey

  • 12 Nights Accommodation (ashram in Rishikesh, a Hotel in Haridwar and a 4/5 star hotel in New Delhi)
  • Satvik (pure) breakfast, buffet dinner
  • Sacred healing and Karma Purification ceremonies
  • Detailed history and origins of yoga
  • An opportunity to learn from Hindu Swami, a Buddhist Saint, a Buddhist Prince and a Yoga Guru

300 Hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Athens, Greece

  • 300 Hrs Advance Yoga Teacher Training
  • Advance concepts of Gyan, Bhakti, Karma & Raja yoga
  • Deep understanding of Guru Gita, Shiv Sutra, Kashmir Shaivism, Tantra yoga and Mantra Yoga
  • Advance Raja Yoga Practice
  • The discourse of Ashtvakra on Advaita
  • Meditation techniques

200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Athens, Greece

  • 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training
  • Deep understanding of the 4 schools of yoga (Gyan, Bhakti, Karma & Raja)
  • Art of conducting Pooja and fire ceremony
  • The concepts of Ida, Pingala and the Sushumna the central channel of energy running along the spine
  • Seven major chakras, and its correlation to states of consciousness
  • Creating a yoga asana sequence