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Wayan Tekok

Wayan Tekok’s Bio

Teaching since 2006

Wayan Tekok has been working within the ONEWORLD family since 2006, first in the yoga retreat center Kumara Sakti in Ubud, where he worked his way through the ranks to become assistant retreat leader.

A remarkable team player, hard worker and ready to try new things, Tekok – as he likes to be called – did not hesitate to embrace a new challenge as supervisor of the Ayurvedic retreat. He is eager to meet people from all over the world, welcoming them with his warm smile, to lead them to yoga and introduce them to the beautiful culture of Bali.

Tekok comes from Gianyar, some 20 minutes from here. As a father of two boys, family is very important to him. As a Balinese he believes in Karma Pala, which means producing good results from a positive action.

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OneWorld Ayurveda Yoga Panchakarma Centre Bali