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Vinay Siddaiah’s Bio

Teaching since 2007

Yogavijnana is a brainchild of Vinay Siddaiah, an Engineer, working as a hardware designer in one of the leading MNC’s. Having more than 11 years of experience in the IT field with various companies such as Western Digital, Intel, Cisco and Wipro, his transformational journey towards Yoga started in 2007 when he began to suffer acute back pain due to long hours of sitting in front of computer. Being also an avid mountaineer, he wished to scale higher on the Himalayan mountain range but could not do so due to the pain. It was then that a fellow mountaineer suggested Yoga as a remedy to strengthen his back. He immediately enrolled for Yoga classes under his first guru Mr. Sanjay Gurvekar and could see a considerable difference within a month. Initially he continued to practice Yoga out of fear that his back pain would recur if stopped, but what followed then was an equally beautiful and interesting journey of his love for the practice. Soon, it become an integral part of his life style. He managed to even complete the Advance Mountaineering course without any problem.

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