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Vamsi Krishna Gadwala

Vamsi Krishna Gadwala’s Bio

Born in 1985 in South India, Vamsi Krishna Gadwala started his yoga asana practices at the age of eight under the guidance of his mother and his father. He comes from a very traditional South Indian Family, but as a young generation in India with the scientific background he is rather a modern seeker, travelling all over the world and staying open for other cultures.


Electrical Engineer by studies, Vamsi took on to the path of meditation and self-discovery in 2002. Leaving his career in the film industry as a writer, in 2014 Vamsi moved to the Himalayas to learn and meditate on the paths of yoga and also became certified Yoga teacher at Trimurti Yoga School.

Travelling and teaching around the world Vamsi intends to share with people the divine knowledge and wisdom of yoga. He cooperates with schools in Germany and France. Vamsi specialises in Chakras and Yogic Anatomy, Meditation, Mantras and Yoga Philosophy, but when his sister got pregnant in 2016 he decided to take the Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course, and he teaches prenatal yoga since then! Empowering women in India is a great mission, and Trimurti Yoga supports him fully.

You might meet Vamsi in three trainings: 200 TTC, 300 TTC and Prenatal Yoga TTC. You will learn Hatha, Pranayama & Meditation from him, but also he will mesmerise you with beautiful stories from Indian Culture and Mythology, and in the free time he will show you how to dance the real BOLLYWOOD!

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