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Tatiana Morozova

Tatiana Morozova’s Bio

Tatiana Morozova – the experienced teacher of PIYF with a long lasting period of self-practice – over 15 years and deep knowledge of teaching – since 2003. She teaches in foundation from 2006. Tatiana follows the ancient hatha-yoga style both in her teachings and in her practice. She abides by the rule to get knowledge from Guru to disciple directly. Thus, the Great Masters of Gurukhul Kangri University, Haridwar, grew up Tatiana at first-hand. Master Jitendra Das is one of them.

At present Tatiana is the representative of PIYF in Russia and the leading teacher in PIYF ashram in Rishikesh.

Following the source-textbooks and her experience, Tatiana Morozova teaches asana classes on alignments, adjustments, therapy & work with the wall; prana & prana vidya classes; she perfectly leads meditations following hatha-yoga, raja-yoga, jnyana-yoga, sankhya-yoga & bhakti-yoga techniques. She has a deep knowledge about Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicine.

Under Tatiana’s guidance are such projects as an informative yoga-education: asana cards, asana posters, commentaries to the source-textbooks and its translation from English into Russian language.

Tatiana Morozova is an experienced and trusted adviser for her younger colleagues -she grew up such the ace teachers of PIYF as Elena Lepeshko and Polina Goricheva.