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Yogi Tara Datt

Yogi Tara Datt’s Bio

Yogi Tara has been practicing yoga since his childhood and has studied Raja, Hatha and Astanga yoga. His formal university education began with studying Sanskrit in which he obtained both a Bachelors and Masters degree at the Sanskrit University Haridwar. He went on to further this education and follow his true calling by also completing a Masters in Yogic Science and Vedic Philosophy at the same university.

His passion for teaching began early on in life when he started to give Asana classes at Gyan Yog Path yoga school. This budding passion blossomed and grew as did his knowledge and personal experience. Then he started travelling around the world to explore his knowledge and experience.

Yogi Tara has been teaching at the Nada Yoga School since its first Teacher training course. He now teaches classes specialising in Hataha, Asthanga, Vinyasa and sanskrit mantra chanting. In his teaching career, he hopes to bring to his students a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Yoga by bringing together theory as well as his personal experience.

Yogi Tara defines his success as being those moments in which imparting his knowledge and interacting with his students brings about a transformational change in their lives. He lives to spread peace, love, happiness and health to all.

Currently Working With

Siddhi Yoga Center Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh