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Sophie Nusselder

Sophie Nusselder’s Bio

To Sophie, yoga means to allow space: the space of pure presence. Asana, pranayama and meditation are beautiful tools to observe the ever changing sensations in the body and mind.

In her lessons her personality, which is playful, energetic and introspective, shines through. After she received her first yoga lesson she directly knew she started to explore a path that would change her life. The awareness of the breath connected her with deeper layers: a fortification of magic! At the time she was teaching creative writing to children and started to integrate yogic elements in her lessons. Meanwhile, she started teaching ashtanga vinyasa, yin and yoga with special target groups (inmates, teenage mothers, refugees).

She always had a heart for travelling and feels very blessed to have the opportunity to share yoga at different locations; both in her home country the Netherlands and abroad: “How lovely it is to become a creative, versatile and skilful teacher, motivating and inspiring students in yoga schools, primary schools and at special locations like a prison in Peru, cultural center in Colombia and an eco housing project in Bali!”

Currently Working With

Parimukti Yoga and Meditation