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Shri Sandeep Solanki

Shri Sandeep Solanki’s Bio

Shri Sandeep Solanki is a highly experienced and educated yoga practitioner who loves to share his knowledge with others. He is not only a Yoga Teacher but a friend, advisor, trainer and a times therapist. He is a man of deep understanding of yoga and his pursuit for further knowledge makes him an ever growing teacher. His love for yoga persisted, and he continued on with his Yogic Studies at the University level and is also a renowned Teacher in Kaivalyadham with 900 Hrs. Also completed his Advance Diploma in Yoga Education with Kaivalyadham.

Sandeep Solanki is a M. A. in Philosophy as well as a Research Trainee in Kautilya Arhtashastra. He keeps regularly updating himself with various other forms of yoga and is also a Personal Trainer from Gold Gym. He has also completed 200 Hrs. of International Yoga Alliance  with Sivananda Ashram, Neyyar Dam and excelled in his examination. Patanjali Yoga Sutra is one of his favorite topics he always loves to discuss on.

Sandeep Solanki has assisted his Teacher in various Teacher Training Course and workshops such as Diabetes, Asthama, Back Pain, Pranayam Sadhana Shibir, conducted at Kaivalyadham under Shri. Parmanand Aggarwal of Kaivalyadham.

He began teaching yoga in 2001 to private clients and also adds a personal touch by providing Thai Yoga Stretches to his clients when needed. Uniqueness is his style of yoga asana teaching, which is filled with uplifting energy, fusing yogic and modern science knowledge with his genuine loving nature and sense of humor. He spends time outside of classes discussing the practice of meditation with students interested in learning more about it. His teaching blends the Philosophy with Asana practices. His Philosophical Counseling helps to eliminate suffering in our lives and helps to cope up with the human condition of how to remain happy without being dependent on any one. His unique teaching style brings the ancient practices of yoga into a modern perspective, providing combined techniques for his students. He takes Corporate classes and one of his favorite topic is Chair Yoga. He has taught Yoga to various sectors, and helps to understand the Traditional Indian yoga in a way that is applicable to their lives today.

He is very much influenced by his Guru Dr Shrikrishna Tengshe, because of whom his perception towards yoga has completely changed.

He will be pursuing his Phd soon under his guide Dr Ganesh Rao, who has also brought a deeper understanding of Yoga in him.

Currently Working With

Siddhi Yoga Center Goa India