Shantam Baba

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Shantam Baba

Shantam Baba’s Bio

When you act without awareness; you are like a sleepwalker, who doesn’t know where he is walking. You just act on the strongest impulse- your mind controls you. And when you act with awareness, you take control of your mind.

Shantam is a Yogi, meditation teacher and Yoga awareness consultant. He was born into a spiritual family. So his journey with Yoga and spirituality started from his home. Shantam has been OSHO’s disciple. He lives in Goa teaching meditation and spiritual process.

He has experience with teaching various Meditation techniques of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra and countless techniques of cultivating awareness.
His main focus is to keep it simple, conscious while celebrating life in all the dimensions. Shantam has delivered his teaching of meditation and awareness techniques in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Thailand and many cities in India.

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Ek Omkar Yoga & Meditation Centre