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Rohy’s Bio

Yoga Anatomy & Asanas Psychology
Rohy is spiritual enough since his birth as he was born in an Ashram. The life of ashram is certainly very systemic & pure. There is a fixed routine to follow which includes spiritual activities such as daily pooja ceremony. As taking birth in Rishikesh; he has a deep connection & interest with yoga since childhood. Rohy's father has also grown up in an ashram and still has been servicing there. He got most of the knowledge of Hindu religion, VedPuran, Gita, Yagya, Pooja, Mantra and so on from his father.

Rohy stepped into the world of yoga after the completion of his study and has been sharing his knowledge of yoga worldwide by teaching in India & China.

Currently Working With

Mimamsa Yogashala Rishikesh Uttrakhand, India