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Perrine Marais’s Bio

Perrine Marais got her first yoga practice like most westerners ; in a gym, 13 years ago. Wanting to deepen her knowledge she started traveling to towns around where yoga studios were more populars.

Perrine was then working in a hospital as a respiratory therapist . After a transforming travel to Costa Rica where she was attending a yoga retreat she realised that she wanted to teach yoga. The next year she went back to Costa Rica for her first teacher training following Baron Baptiste principles. For the next two years she only taught vinyasa and power yoga.

Wanting to learn from the \"root\" and ancient principles, she traveled to Rishikesh and followed her second teacher training with Dr Jitendra Das. Her body and mind changed so much in that training that she realised she should learn and practice more following the ancient style hatha yoga. In 2015 she went back to Patanjali International Yoga Foundation for another teacher training and she brought with her students from Canada. She mostly teach at PurE quilibre Centre de Yoga in St-Hilaire (quebec) and is a proud ambassador for Lolë.

She gets to teach free classes for Lolë so that everyone get access to yoga and organize workshops in her hometown as well. Perrine also teaches meditation to her hometown hockey team and basketball team to help them be more focus on the game.