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Paul Verkuijlen’s Bio

Paul started his quest for freedom while playing in the forest in a small village in The Netherlands. While growing up he believed to find freedom in success and independence, in university and career. After graduation and quitting his job at the government, it became very clear he had to get away from his Western habitat to discover India. That’s where he came in contact with Osho; an opening to a life of celebration and totality.

After staying in several Osho meditation centres and spending time in India , he moved to Australia where he ended up living in a meditation and celebration commune. He studied non-dualism in Portugal and now shares his love for self-inquiry in meditation retreats, but more so with anyone he meets. His sharings are based on becoming aware of belief (systems) and exploring the direct experiencing of life. In the 300 HoursYoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training he will teach about advaita (non-duality) and the art of living. Paul has lost his spiritual quest for freedom; nevertheless, his vivid curiosity for living is flourishing like never before.

Currently Working With

Parimukti Yoga and Meditation