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Merel Martens

E-RYT 500,

Merel Martens’s Bio

Merel is the founder of Parimukti Yoga & Meditation Center. For Merel, yoga is about understanding who we are and what our relation is to the world around us. We let go of any goals and aims including the wish to become enlightened or the proposed ‘good’ spiritual person, and look clearly at what is.

Merel is known for her open mind and perceptiveness to the varying needs of different students. Always being aware of where any individual student is, she adjusts the teachings smartly; turning the teaching into an art. She is inspired by different schools and teachers but shares from her own experience and understanding. According to Merel this is what makes a true teacher: authenticity. Being authentic is the key to inspire others.

In the teacher trainings Merel will guide you in the process of finding your authentic teaching style to being able to beautifully inspire others. Since 10 years Merel has been studying yoga and has been inspired by both ancient and contemporary teachers. Besides yoga she has been studying Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta (non-duality) and uses the teaching and practices of both philosophies throughout her own life. Merel has a degree in Medicine and International Public Health, and after an international career in the healthcare sector she has given herself the freedom to dedicate her life to the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation. After some years of teaching in her hometown Amsterdam she now resides in India.

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Parimukti Yoga and Meditation