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Master Ruddra Yogi

Master Ruddra Yogi’s Bio

Specialist of  Yoga Asana, Pranayam, Mudra, Bandh, Meditation Relaxations, Yoga therapy, Marma therapy, Naturopathy.

Ruddra studied at Gurukul Kangri in Haridwar and graduated with a degree in Traditional Yoga Art. Ruddra also studied Veda,Upnishads, Bhagvat Geeta, Yogasutra, English & Sanskrit languages. His He now continues his inquiry and is studying for a Masters Degree in Yoga Art.

Ruddra brings his broad experience of Yoga and holistic health to his teaching style; his classes are a dynamic, flowing moving, focusing on attention to form, integration of breath and cultivation of awareness. Creating a supportive environment and taking to heart each student's experience, Ruddra addresses individual needs and encourages a deep and focused practice in class.