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Manish Goyal

Manish Goyal’s Bio

Teaching since 2009

He is an “inborn Yogi”, since his birth (1983), he was impressed by spiritual experiences. His childhood developed in a mystical atmosphere with big consciousness of the spiritual dimension.

At the age of five, he was introduced officially in the spiritual practices taking his first diksha from Param Pujya Swami satyamitranand giriji mahara (founder of Bharat Mata Mandir and Samanvaya seva trust, Haridwar). He began then to practice Yoga as a hobby guided by different gurus and learning a wide range of different yoga styles. As a teenager, Manish turned Yoga into his true passion. 

In his 20’s he completed his instruction with his mentor Bhagwati Prasas Gaur (Transcendental Meditation) and was introduced in the Bihar Yoga tradition, having the opportunity to study the ancient scriptures, Tantra, Yognidra ,Ayurveda, Mantra and Preksha Meditation and ancient forms of Yoga like Hatha, Ashtanga, Karma, Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga learnt under Mr. Sunil Goswami (founder of Rajarishi Yoga Sansthan). Among others disciplines. He also obtained a master diploma in acupressure and reflexology therapy and mastering in Reiki healing. Additionally he spent some time living with Jain Monks, learning the fundamentals of Jainism and spiritual knowledge. 

He has also completed Yoga – vedanta course at yog vedenta forest academy, Divine life scoiety Rishikesh Himalaya. 

He started his professional career as a Yoga & Meditation teacher in 2009, giving services to reputed Yoga & Fitness centers, luxury hotels and meditations institutes in India & Dubai. 

At present manish is the Head of Academics at Shivashaktiyoga. He conducts training programs for Yoga Teachers from abroad in residential of 200/300/500-hours trainings as well as teaching on spirituality & yoga sessions at various centers in Shiva Shakti Yoga School. He combines instruction with spiritual counseling and holistic therapies. 

Manish is a dynamic and inspirational teacher in healings arts who brings India’s profound heritage and wisdom for Lifestyle in contemporary and cosmopolitan life. 

His energy, humor, philosophy and scientific approach of spiritual disciplines to Yoga & Meditation facilitates his students a healthy life and a path of real transformation of self and evolution.

Manish has designed his own style of Yoga called “Karizmatic Yoga”, a combination of Raja Yoga with Hatha Yoga. A cardio program for body-mind and soul fitness with extraordinary results. He is Founder of Gyan kiran Institute of Yoga & Spiritual education located in Jodhpur. 

As a teacher Manish has strong hold in his teachings conducting multidisciplinary programs under the title of “Spirituals tools for personal evolution” addressed to beginners as well as consolidated teachers. He also develops special fast trainings for stressed and tired executives and professional teams in companies’ management areas to relief and enhance their softskills and LifeStyle. 

Manish is a true Yogic soul here to share his divine energy in the path of yoga.

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