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Laura’s Bio

Laura’s journey into the path of Yoga began to combat her spinal and knee injuries. Overwhelmed after her first class by the sense of inner peace it brought her, she realized that Yoga had much more to offer than she could have ever expected!

Since that realization she has never looked back. It has become a way of her life!

For first few years, Laura attendedregular classes and developedher personal practice. However, the desire grew more and more and she wanted to connect with Yoga on a spiritual level. Thus shetook her first major step and completed a YTTC at Anusara Teacher Training in the UK. The journey continued as she travelled to India and dived deep to study Traditional Hatha Yoga. She completed an intensive Teacher Training Course while experiencing ashram life.

Her love of Yoga has led her on anlong journey of teaching over the past 9 years. She has been blessed to be able to share her love of yoga with those she has met, taught and studied with along the way.

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