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Lalita’s Bio

Teaching since 2012

Lalita first discovered Yoga as a necessary medicine during a challenging chapter of her life. Inspired by the healing benefits she experienced from her own practice, her interests in a more conscious existence led her to India, where she left behind a career in chemistry to submerse herself in a more holistic approach to life, completing her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Linda d’Antal in 2012.

She is now on a dedicated journey of learning, absorbing, developing and sharing the healing arts. A familiar face at Ashiyana since 2013, her offerings in the last few years have evolved more into facilitating free, playful and expressive movement. As well as offering her yoga and bodywork, she created the hugely popular Ecstatic Shaking Sessions held at Ashiyana since 2015.

Her first experience of the transformative power of shaking came during an Osho Kundalini Meditation. Fifteen minutes of intense shaking to music ignited a flame in her that she had never before experienced. Her feet rooted into the ground; an energy had awakened in her that spiralled upwards and outwards and lifted her into euphoria and total joy. From that moment she was hooked on the practice.

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Ashiyana Yoga Retreat Goa