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Karo Sharma

E-RYT 500,

Karo Sharma’s Bio

Karo was born in Poland in 1982. Right after studies in Theatre Academy she worked as a Theatre Pedagogue in Warsaw and Berlin, running artistic projects with people socially excluded and with mental disabilities. She worked for National Theatre, Studio Theatre, as well as for international projects in cooperation with Schaubühne Theater Berlin.

Karo has been practicing Yoga for nearly 17 years. She started with Iyengar, went through Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Qi-gong and Yin… to finally discover her individual eclectic and deeply therapeutic style of Yoga. She merges different tools to customise classes and trainings for her students, highly promoting bio-individuality on (and off) the mat. Everybody is different, and needs different tools. Yoga Therapy is her absolute LOVE.

She is a Yoga Alliance Registered Senior Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), and Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Trainer (PRYT). In 2009 she started traveling to India and that’s how her life’s revolution begun – she met her husband Ajay with whom in 2010 she created Bodhi Tree Yoga International School (RYS 200). After several trainings, in 2012 they decided to build a new project combining various practices of yoga & meditation, teaching methodology, yoga therapy and social work – in cooperation with “Loving Lap” N.G.O they started Trimurti Yoga.

Trimurti Yoga is a yoga laboratory, the internationally recognised training centre which brings every year together hundreds of students from all over the world. People from Europe, Asia, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zeland and Africa meet here for various Yoga Teacher Trainings: 200 hours, 300 hours, Prenatal YTTC, Yin Yoga TTC, and Yoga Therapy courses.

Karo’s vision was to combine the tradition of ancient Yoga with its contemporary opportunities. To bring experts from different corners and styles of Yoga and present its vast tools and incredible powers. That’s why the school is multi-style, has many different teachers, personalities, many perspectives… 

Art & Theatre techniques combined with Yoga & Meditation brings an unique and beautiful teaching methodology, an unusual experience for body-consciousness and dance-soul improvisation. She teaches a few styles of yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, traditional Ashtanga, Sivananda and Iyengar Yoga. During her workshops you can find space for your own creativity and self-expression. She is working with kids and adults, beginners and advanced students.

For the past 20 years Karolina has been living with Diabetes Type 1, therefore her main focus in practicing yoga was, and always is HEALTH. “Living with diagnosis like this is a life sentence. Everyday you are in a trap of self-control, 24 hours, no break, no holidays…counting carbs, injecting insulin, waiting for complications. Everybody wants you to be afraid, to make diabetes your enemy. The words I heard from doctors – I am ashamed to repeat. But Yoga helped me to get rid of fear and to find my space, my freedom, my unwounded spot. I am not my body, I am so much more… I still can respect my material manifestation as a divine temple, but I do struggle from time to time. Above all I think every disease is an opportunity… I built myself because of the “defect” of my body. But that being said we need to be careful not to victimize ourselves, not to allow our diagnosis to take over, not to manipulate others just because we suffer…”

 The most recent passions for Karo are Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine – two  beautiful ancient healing systems which take off the labels, and bring support and re-connection for the body, mind & soul.

“I love diversity. We might have different opinions and choices, but when we talk about it with respect and curiosity – we all can only grow!” – said Karo in one of her interviews – “Diversity is divine, and at the end of the day – we all are ONE anyway”.

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