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Jyotish Acharya

Jyotish Acharya’s Bio

Pandit SHIVA JI (Jyotish Acharya) Shiva Ji is a famous Traditional Vedic Astrologer in Rishikesh. He is well qualified in Astrology and Vedic science, completed his jyotish Acharya ( Master Degree in Astrological science) and Ved Acharya (Master Degree in Vedic science & Vastu shastra) from Sampoorna Nanda Sanskrit University, Kashi (Varanasi), India. He worked many years with great Himalayan Astro Masters. Since last 22 years Shiva Ji lives & teaches in Rishikesh, sharing his knowledge of Vedanta, Astrology and Vedic Karma Kand (Pooja, Rituals) with world wide seekers. His gives difficult vedic material in very easy way. 'Astrology is deep but very paticular science, that can help you to know your strong sides, avoid troubles, chose day of paticular event and go your way more easily. Not everybody can be astrologer, but defenetely everyone can understand it's principles and use it to help yourself and surrounding people. I am happy to help you to find your way. '

Currently Working With

Vedansha Institute of vedic science and alternative medicine Rishikesh