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Jose’s Bio

Jose has been at Blue Osa since the first day of construction. His hands—among others—shaped, sanded, and painted the massive wooden beams of teca that frame our yoga and kitchen structures. Today you’ll easily spot him beneath these timbers, mixing and blending, chopping and dicing, grilling and baking, boiling and broiling—and always smiling. He manages the kitchen and prepares such traditional desserts as tres leche (“three milks cake”), side dishes like gallo pinto (rice and beans, literally “spotted rooster”) and main dishes of fish and meat dishes such as pescado al ajillo (fish in garlic sauce) and carne asada (grilled beef). Under Marie’s watchful eye and care, Jose is becoming a connoisseur in the kitchen, and brings smiles to many of our guest’s faces. Jose brings a Costa Rican flavor and fusion to Marie’s Euro entrees. As a native of the Osa Peninsula, Jose has witnessed many changes in his brief lifetime. “Roads have improved. There are more tourists and more jobs.” He is optimistic about his future and that of his community and his family—which includes a newborn son.

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