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Jagdeep’s Bio

Jagdeep Katyal is a Yoga teacher a natural healer and a counselor and he loves to see people happy, growing and succeeding. His spiritual Journey began in year 2001 when he started learning Reiki and from the year 2002, when he became a Reiki Master, he is healing, helping, encouraging, building, empowering the needy people, and with his help a lot of people came out of their depression, illnesses, pain, worries & developed good health, strength, will power, achieved peace & happiness.He says, “We all going to make it, sooner or later, don’t stress yourself, flow naturally, and one day, some day you will reach”.

He has competed his M.Sc. in Yoga and consciousness , a Reiki Grand Master & a Past life Regression Therapist.

He emphasizes to be a Karma yogi or Raja Yogi, as he found the old sutra, the Karma & its Phala, to be applicable in everyone’s life. The same is often told to us by gurus, mystics, yogis. Everyone should take responsibility of their life on their own. It is their life and so they should build it on their own. This principle of Karma & Phala led his journey to explore past lives or previous incarnations, and so he learned PLR also.

He is a master in meditation and rekhi . 2001. He has been conducting Meditation sessions from last 15 years and has done several yoga, healing, sessions by now successfully.

During, his work of helping broken, sick & depressed people, he felt it is easy to build a strong person who can sustain the challenges & difficulties in life, than to repair & rebuild a broken. So, he developed a specialized course for teenagers, to empower them and it was extremely successful.

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Shiva Shakti Yoga