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Inge Veldscholten

Inge Veldscholten’s Bio

Inge at the age of fourteen, started teaching. First gymnastics, then snowboarding, and later anything else worth sharing. For the past twelve years she has been travelling around the world, looking for a deeper understanding of both herself and her surroundings.

Yoga and breathing came into her life intuitively, over ten years ago because her body needed attention. Later she realised this personal practice is as important as any external therapy. This led her to India, where she continued studying the body and mind through spiritual practices, massage and other forms of body work (creating an understanding of our anatomy and physiology). The study of Ayurveda gave her a framework to analyse the characteristics of anything appearing in life and to understand their interaction with us individuals.

Teaching in itself became a passion, because the process of preparing and sharing knowledge helps her to grow in life: “I love to watch and assist others in growth. It deepens my understanding of the subject, because I have to find a way to help my students work with it. This can only be done by looking at how they approach it, and seeing where my experience can be useful for them – and theirs for me ;).”

Knowing bits of many different styles, in her classes, Inge likes to let things blend and reinforce each other. Using intra- and inter-personal practices to get the message across. She likes to encourage anybody to step out of their comfort zone, because: “Mostly, what holds us back is the limits we use to protect our idea of ‘I’.”

Currently Working With

Parimukti Yoga and Meditation