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Ignacio’s Bio

As long as he can remember, Ignacio has always been interested in a wide range of subjects including arts, science, medicine, psychology and technology. After completing a master’s degree in architecture and working in Spain, Ireland and Germany he realized that professional development was not enough to achieve happiness. He decided to travel through Asia in a trip that eventually led to a path of self-discovery.

During this journey he connected to various eastern philosophies such as Buddhism, Taoism, and Yoga and decided to dedicated himself to the study and practice of Yoga. He studied Traditional Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh and has since continued to study different approaches in order to improve both his teaching and personal practice. He also studied Reflexology and Shiatsu in Thailand and found a deep relationship between traditional acupressure and meridian theories, and the ‘subtle body’ in Yoga.

Ignacio combines this knowledge in his practice, working with specific poses to improve energy circulation within thebody. Due to some knee issues he had due to bad practice at the beginning of his practice, he places particular emphasis on alignment in order to avoid injuriesConvinced that happiness is already within ourselves, he keeps studying to understand the human mind and what moves us in this life.