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Helene Garrovillo

Helene Garrovillo’s Bio

Helene Garrovillo is an intuitive who is guided in her daily life by mindfulness practices that focus on being present in a non-judgmental way. Over the past thirty years, she has sought the teachings of wise ones from many different traditions, and among her mentors are Medicine Women & Men from the Amazon and the high Andes Mountains of Peru. It is through working with these elders and traditions, and through direct communion with Mother Nature, that she has cultivated the gift of intuition, sight, and inner knowing that she has carried since birth. It is her deepest pleasure to offer these gifts to others, in supporting their own inner wisdom, and to lift up her clients into the brightness of their true divine paths.

Currently Working With

Rima The Jungle Girl Teresa Costa Rica

Experiences Offered

Helene Garrovillo offers the following

8 Days Healing with Plants & Consciousness - Ayahuasca Retreat Cabuya, Costa Rica

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • 3 group ceremonies filled with music and singing
  • Group and one-on-one integration sessions with a licensed psychotherapist
  • Daily yoga and meditation sessions
  • Daily sound healing and instruments to play throughout the week
  • Ethical and informational tour of a wild animal rescue centre
  • Adventure to a local waterfall that tourists rarely get to see
  • Daily locally grown, organic, plant-based meals