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Grace Watson Farmer

Grace Watson Farmer’s Bio

Teaching since 2014

Grace stumbled across yoga whilst living in Oxford 6 years ago and a regular practice quickly became a part of her lifestyle, particularly when recovering from a long standing shoulder injury.  Previously, Grace had been fuelling her lifelong passion for dance and movement by juggling part time Barre Concept teaching with a full time job, until she finally took the plunge and ditched the busy London based corporate life in pursuit of more Yoga. In 2014 she completed her 200 hour YTTC with Kranti Yoga, where she reignited her enthusiasm for movement and bodywork. She has been exploring the world and teaching yoga full time ever since and has never looked back!

Grace loves how yoga makes the world a smaller and more connected place and also enjoys exploring how Eastern and Yogic Philosophy can help to heal and rebalance us. Cultivating and nurturing an awareness of our mind, body and soul is one of the many reasons why Grace continues to seek and learn as much as she can on the topic of yoga; teaching at Kranti allows her to continually share and develop her knowledge and experience of all 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.

Grace's style of teaching reflects the dynamic and flowing influences of her dance background, as well as encompassing the disciplined alignment focus of the Ashtanga techniques. Particularly fond of playful, fluid vinyasa sequences, she is also a firm believer in fostering a regular traditional Ashtanga practice to build strength and clarity in mind and in body. She believes that her daily Mysore practice has transformed her ability to focus and access the benefits of Yoga reaching far beyond just the physical and loves spreading these benefits to others through teaching Yoga.

Grace is a long term Kranti Yoga student who visits us often to deepen their own practice, knowledge and teaching skills and share their knowledge with the Kranti village community.

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Kranti Yoga Body, Mind & Spirit Goa