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Gary’s Bio

Gary sees asana, deep breathing, mindfulness and a positive attitude as medicine for modern life; a way to connect to one's true self, the planet we live on and all living things.

He started practicing yoga after several years struggling with health issues that could only be managed by taking prescribed synthetic medication on a daily basis. Feeling uncomfortable with this unnatural approach and generally feeling deflated with an emptiness inside, he turned to yoga and Ayurveda, and find immediate results.  Gary has never looked back since.  Practicing at home for the next year or so he found yoga to be the best medicine and as his body started to open up, the pain reduced massively and he found more comfort in day to day life, both physically and mentally. He then started attending a local Kundalini class and this is when he found his real love for yoga. Having an inspirational Kundalini teacher who guided him on more than just yoga, introducing him to nutrition, numerology, chakras and auras, which allowed him to trust in a higher purpose. From this time he started to let go of resistance to life and to treat every event as either a challenge or a reward.  Letting go of his quest to understand the meaning of life and why we are here, he now simply believes that Life is Love and Love is Life.

Currently Working With

Ashiyana Yoga Retreat Goa