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Evelina Bolognini

Evelina Bolognini’s Bio

Evelina is a second generation bodyworker and has been devoted to holistic therapy since childhood. Following in the footsteps of her father, Evelina has studied a wide range of therapies in her native Italy, as well as in the US and Costa Rica. With over 20 years of passionate study, research and professional dedication, Evelina’s therapeutic approach relies mostly on noninvasive Osteopathy Techniques such as Cranio Sacral Therapy and T.R.O.A. To define and deepen the reach of her therapeutic approach, Evelina relays D.E.I. (a Spanish acronym for Integral Energetic Diagnosis). In 2012 Evelina’s world expanded once again when she learned about the five biological laws of NGM. Through this scientific approach to biology, Evelina was able to find a solid ground for her practice.

Currently Working With

Holis Spa Yoga and Wellness Center Costa Rica