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Emil E. Wendel

E-RYT 500,

Emil E. Wendel’s Bio


Emil was born in Switzerland and has been living in Asia since the mid-seventies, studying first Chinese Classics and Taoism in Taiwan, and then Sanskrit and Indian Thought on the Subcontinent. This early research was made possible through a six-year grant by the Department of Education of his home country.

Making Nepal his home in 1980, he became a founder-partner of Machan Wildlife Resort, a safari lodge in the jungles of South Nepal. While continuing his studies and occasionally retreating in East Asia, India and Nepal, Emil had the privilege to come into contact with several remarkable human beings and teachings. Among them were adepts, representing different branches of Yoga. His own Sâdhana – the spiritual search began in earnest.

Emil remains deeply passionate about philosophy and especially its application in Yoga. He practices and teaches Hatha-Yoga, using a method of merging physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation with discussions on liberating knowledge, to deepen a Yoga practice beyond the mere physical experience.

The many years of residency in Nepal and India have allowed Emil an exceptional insight into the depth of Indian Civilization and its underlying currents. One of his mentors was the late Professor Saraswati Prasad Ghimire. The affiliation with him and other Pandits covered research in Hindu and Buddhist literature, as well as thought and ritual, in their original context.

In the field of Âsanas, first years at Iyengar-style routines lead to an Ashtânga Mysore practice, and, since 1997, to Vinyâsa-variations of Hatha.

Emil’s Prânâyâma (breathing techniques) and his instructions in Kriyâ-Yoga (Processes of Movement of Awareness) are essentially following the tradition and methodology of the Bihar School of Yoga, distilled through years of self-practice and experimentation.

The study of a variety of Âshram traditions and treasured time with Sadhus and living Buddhist masters have brought a strong appreciation of the subjects of Mantras and Mudrâs, as well as other methods of Pratyâhâra (sense-withdrawal) and Dhâranâ (concentration), the ancient yogic tools which may, over time, bring about that delightful state of true meditation (Dhyâna).

Emil is presently instructing in teacher training programs for Yoga Arts of Australia, Purple Valley of India, and some European training schools, in the subjects of Prânâyâma, meditation and yoga philosophy, the latter a series of lectures encompassing the known history, the different disciplines and traditions, and the personalities and masters of Yoga.

The countries of India and Nepal remain Emil’s home. When not involved in practicing, teaching, and researching there, he leads workshops and retreats in Europe, as well as in Bali, Singapore, Thailand, Australia and Japan.

Currently Working With

Brahmani Yoga Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh