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Eila Devi

Eila Devi’s Bio

Eila Devi is a dedicated practitioner and impassioned facilitator of yoga and embodiment. With extensive yoga training and a background in bodywork, her sessions enliven the human anatomy and physiology experience. She continues study in Ayurveda and asana, and offers seasonal practices for optimal health and vitality throughout the year. Eila has been teaching hatha yoga and therapeutic yoga since 2000, and enjoys teaching from the holistic spectrum that Akhanda Yoga offers. She values the local yoga class, the Ashram stay, and a home yoga practice as equal platforms for deepening self trust, and skillfully encourages students on their own path.

As a doula and birth educator, Eila has over a decade of experience supporting women and families in childbirth. More recently, as a Health Care Assistant in community, she gives support to people living at home with various health concerns and is developing skills and experience in palliative care.

Currently living in rural British Columbia with her partner, Eila is experimenting with homesteading, including food growing and conservation. She has a keen interest in herbal medicine and is grateful to the ancestors for all the guidance and wisdom available today.