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Dr Sandeep Raina’s Bio

Dr Sandeep Raina , is a professional health care expert in spine rehabilitation, presently working as a chief consultant for neuro-rehabilitation and spine disorders at Parmarth Niketan Hospital, Rishikesh. His aim in life is to rehabilitate not only one’s body but also mind and soul, with the help of physical exercise regimes and yoga.

He is a resident of J&k is and living in Uttrakhand from past 11 years. His nature of serving the society motivated him to persue the noble profession. His area of interest is neurological disorders. He studied in renowned medical university and persued masters degree in Physical Therapy. To make his therapies affective he started reconciling the technique’s of taping along with vestibular rehabilitation. He is also certified in CPR, THERA BANDS etc.

He is also having good knowledge of accupunture and is practicing laser accupunture from past many years. He has extensive experience of neurological post operative rehabilitation programs specially of spinal cord injury patients.

His perfection in spinal anatomy and physiology lead him to teach the students from all over the world. He knows how to correlate it with practice of yoga which is beneficial for the human body system.